How can I make a donation?

Simply head to our donations page or contact us if you wish to become a corporate partner or help out in other ways.

How can I make a donation?2020-02-01T13:17:16+08:00

What support staff are there to assist?

The Australian Abilympics team provides for the support needs of the competitors. This usually includes a State registered nurse and several people who are available to assist with transferring of people with mobility disabilities. The [...]

What support staff are there to assist?2020-02-01T13:15:09+08:00

Why do we do it?

Abilympics is based on the belief that given the opportunity to compete at an international level people with disabilities will have increased confidence in their work skill capabilities and that this will enhance their subsequent [...]

Why do we do it?2020-02-01T13:10:45+08:00
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