Hilary Weeks

In Memory of Hilary Weeks I first met Hilary Weeks in 1999 and have been asked to write a few words about her. Hilary was 8 years old when she ran from behind [...]

Hilary Weeks2023-11-24T17:39:08+08:00

Dr Philip Deschamp

Dr Philip Deschamp AAPS (Associate of the Australian Photographic Society) A presentation made by slide show to Abilympics in Japan in 2008 I apologize that I can not be here personally to speak [...]

Dr Philip Deschamp2023-11-21T14:11:35+08:00

Victor Salvemini

Victor Salvemini I first became involved with Abilympics in 1981 after a call from the late John Fisher. The first World Abilympic event was to be held in Japan. Sir George Bedbrook , [...]

Victor Salvemini2023-11-21T14:07:58+08:00

James Omerod

James Omerod March 2023 International Abilympics From thinking about being a participant in the Abilympics to actually getting on a plane to France was quick. I just went with the flow and I [...]

James Omerod2023-11-21T13:45:22+08:00

Ben Clough

Ben Clough Ben Clough was lucky to escape with his life many years ago. The Bachelor of Business student was driving to Perth from Muresk Institute of Agriculture when he was involved in [...]

Ben Clough2023-11-21T14:04:19+08:00

Richard Higgins

Richard Higgins If I were to be perfectly honest, I’d have to admit that during my 23 years of being a paraplegic I’d never heard of the Abilympics until 2010. That’s a great [...]

Richard Higgins2023-11-21T13:34:20+08:00

Hilary Weeks

Hilary Weeks Firstly I would like to say how grateful I am at having the opportunity to be a member of Abilympics WA, formally Australia for 23 years. This year, I competed in [...]

Hilary Weeks2023-11-21T13:30:27+08:00

Glen Sutherland

Glen Sutherland I first went to an International Abilympics in 2003, New Delhi, India. I originally went as a companion and helper. As my disability met the criteria I was invited to also [...]

Glen Sutherland2023-11-21T13:11:36+08:00

Chris McEncroe

Chris McEncroe Years of steadfast dedication, self belief and hard work has paid off in spades for MSWA Client Chris McEncroe, who over a seven year journey went from lying in a hospital [...]

Chris McEncroe2023-11-21T13:56:23+08:00
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